37-39 Bridge Street, Troedyrhiw, Merthyr Tydfil. CF48 4DX
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
37-39 Bridge Street, Troedyrhiw, Merthyr Tydfil. CF48 4DX
Mon-Fri 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Bedlinog Inn

The Brief

July 2013 we were successful in the tender process to rewire the Bedlinog Inn for a local businessman. The property was a listed building and under control by the local authority and conservationists. It was to transform the building into a modern but traditionally themed public house to cater for all occasions, with 7 En-suite bedrooms, to cater for visitors to the local area. The initial design by the architect was based on a single phase system but this soon changed into a new 3 phase system when the plans of the building were evolving on a weekly basis. The installation is a full 17th edition design with Rcbos on each circuit. The lighting was designed with the low ceilings in mind, with low energy recessed spot lights throughout the downstairs circulation areas and all switches located behind the serving area of the bar. There is also some feature lighting installed throughout the bar areas.

What We Did

Sockets outlets were located throughout downstairs for functional purposes and split into different circuits to reduce leakage loadings of bar fridges, amplifiers and other essential equipment to keep the drinks flowing which we never consider when ordering a drink. The cellar has various outlets for the chilling and cooling of the barrels to the cabling of the remote compressors. The digital signal cables were installed for television signals to create match day atmosphere through the recessed ceiling speaker surround sound system. This has since been added to by the use of sound bars on each television giving a powerful sound for a full venue on the multiple television screens throughout the ground floor. The bedrooms also receive digital signals for the televisions. The CCTV system is all cabled back to the pre designed bar space with a 1 Terabyte hard drive to record a month of footage throughout the system, in front of the recorder is a 17 inch split screen monitor, for staff to access, or view locations throughout the building and grounds. The recorder is set for remote access via a smart phone or tablet for real time live footage anywhere in the world with a 3g data network. The Fire alarm was then installed with a LD1 category of protection as it’s a bed and breakfast with audible and visual sounders throughout the installation with call points at every exit point and rise of rate heat detectors through the kitchen, the fire alarm system is interfaced in to the gas solenoid and extract fan system in kitchen and to door access controls which will operate in the event of a fire to prevent gas added to the system and stops sucking of fresh air into kitchens. Whilst opening the magnetic access doors to allow guests to open doors, the door systems also have an emergency break glass installed to open in event of emergency.

The security alarm was installed with building operation in mind, as the chefs come in early for the breakfast they need access to the kitchen and stores, but not to the cellars or to behind the bars, the cleaners need access to all the bedrooms but not the kitchen or the bars, and the bar staff only need access to the cellars and bars. So the system was designed with a fob basis to allow system control to be delegated by the management team, each fob can be monitored in the event of a security breach.

The heating system was controlled and cabled with a split floor multi thermostat system via timers per zone, each bedroom is controlled via a thermostatic radiator valve per room. The hot water is timed to boost the 1000 litre stored tanks in the morning and evening. The downstairs has a room stat per zone which operates a zone valve, this is also linked in to the log burning stoves in each room to contribute to the heating of the building, and with all the insulation installed within the building the two 35kw boilers manage the system comfortably.

The outside lighting was designed and installed to be a low energy consuming system with automatic activation and self-extinguishing on a photocell and timer system with an override facility located in the bar, the idea on the system is that at dusk the system lights to show the building is open for customers. The system is also designed to add Christmas decorations to the contactor controlled circuits to light the festive lighting over the holidays with subtle placed equipment located around the garden.

The IT network was installed through the property, to each bedroom for telephone purposes to allow guests to dial out at the exchange, the system is also used to order the food at the bar and the information is relayed to a monitor in the kitchen, displaying orders per table, the system is used to generate a bill per table, it is also used to carry the public and private wifi networks.

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